Redevelopment of Karavo – Aliveri – Evia coastal front

Redevelopment of Karavo – Aliveri – Evia coastal front 2019-10-22T17:46:35+03:00

Project Description

A redevelopment project of the coastal front of the settlement of Karavos- Aliveri, which includes landscaping, paving and visual art interventions in a total area of 7000 m2 which, combined with implemented traffic arrangements and improvements, make the region a historical, environmental and tourist attraction.
The organization of the coastal front is integrated on the natural function of the harbor. Pavements consist of concrete blocks (~ 2000 m2) and stamped concrete (~ 4320 m2) and are divided into smaller surfaces made by Aliveri marble strips. Redevelopment also includes a fountain, pergolas, playground and lighting.

Public operator: Municipality of Aliveri-Evia
Funding Organization: Ministry of Environment and Water Management – EERP Program

Project Details