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Ιδιωτικός Τομέας - Κεντρική εικόνα

Plasterboard construction

The gypsum board, besides the flexibility in the layout of spaces and the implementation of each architectural idea, was widely spread due to thermal insulation, sound insulation, humidity control and fire resistance.
It offers greater control over energy consumption for heating, some types provide high fire protection, while it has great sound insulation properties in combination with soundproofing materials

Material with great plasticity, plasterboard can transform literally a space with excellent elegance, as difficult or complex as it may be with other materials.
A fairly important category of plasterboard construction is the fitting to hide points in our space. Pipes, lighting, ventilation, and even toilet faucet, simply with the appropriate fitting, greatly enhance the look of a space.

Our qualified associates along with the architectural department can help you make reality not just any idea you have in mind, but also offer solutions for your home, office, store.

Floors (tiles, marble, etc.)

Tile: The most common way of covering floors. Tiles are usually the most economical way of laying floors, available in a wide variety of colors, dimensions and cost, easily cleaned and provide satisfactory hardness and durability characteristics. With our skilled craftsmen we can satisfy every design requirement of our customers.
Marble: Marble placement is a laborious task that requires a great deal of experience from craftsmen, mainly due to its high hardness (150 Mpa compressive strength), which greatly complicates the work of cuts and joints. It should also be borne in mind that marble has a significant coefficient of thermal expansion. Here too, our craftsmen overcome every difficulty

Wooden floor:
Our company ensures that our specialized and selected partners can manufacture various types of wooden floors such as nails, glued (floating or slatted or pre-polished)
The choice of type depends on various parameters such as whether underfloor heating is installed, if there is a low altitude, or there is another floor and, of course, the cost depending on the type of wood.

At the same time, the choice of the appropriate type of adhesive, glues, sealing materials for joints, membranes etc. is a process that requires knowledge, study and experience that our company possesses but is constantly informed about product developments .

Hydraulic installations

Building plumbing includes pipelines for water, sewage, hot water, rainwater, fire protection, heating / air conditioning and natural gas networks. The main target in these installations is absolute tightness, while secondary objectives such as sound insulation are not negligible. Our company with long-term experience in the construction of buildings knows how to choose the right materials to build networks that meet the specifications, they are distinguished for their excellent fit and thus can withstand time.

We can also study and build facilities like

  • Pumps for collecting and raising waste
  • Pressurized water assemblies
  • Pumps for fire fighting

Electrical installations
The Department of Electromechanical Projects can study the electrical installation of strong and weak currents in accordance with the requirements of the new ELOT HD 384 for new constructions and with the ESE for pre-2006 construction.
Our skilled electrician craftsmen can, under our guidance, build an impeccable and safe installation.

Strong current installations include

  • Ground ground.
  • Lighting and sockets.
  • Outdoor lighting.
  • Central distribution boards.
  • Lightning Protection.
  • Generating Pairs (Generators).
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

Patient current installations include

  • Door phones, video door entry system.
  • Security – alarm.
  • Telephone network.
  • CCTV (closed circuit television with cameras and automatic video recording).
  • Audio distribution.
  • Distribution of terrestrial TV and satellite TV channels.
  • Access control.
  • Structured voice and data cabling networks.
  • Fire detection.

Coloring works are done with a specific process followed by our specialized craftsmen such as sanding, stamping, priming, final coloring. The selection of materials usually follows technical and economic criteria and is in agreement with the customer.
Our main concern is the safety of this type of work because it is usually done on scaffolding either internally or externally. Here the instructions are given in the Safety and Health Plan of the project.

Heating / Gas
Our company with selected garages undertakes the construction of heating systems, which are usually manufactured with a monotube system.
The monotube system differs from the dwelling mainly in terms of the number of ducts and how the radiators are connected to the piping network. There is only one pair of vertical pipe heating that feeds horizontal circuits on each floor. The choice of piping material (copper, HDPE, laminate, etc.) is done according to the technical and economic criteria and according to the customer’s requirements.

At the same time, specialized solutions such as underfloor heating (Rehau method) can be provided. In these systems, hot water temperature 40-50οC, passes through serpentine pipelines which achieve good thermal contact with the building materials of the floor which is heated and converted to a radiator.