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Dominant-Engineering Company operates in the business sector of the design, construction, management and maintenance of private and public works. The recent creation of the company is a development of an existing construction scheme in conjunction with supporting design department as a necessity to meet the challenges of a demanding and highly competitive sector. The new company carries accumulated experience since the early 90s that mostly associates with modern methods, new advanced technology, continuing education and research.

This effort is based on the fundamental basis of scientific knowledge, experience, creativity, reliability and continuous search and constitutes the guarantee for completing each project and ensuring the absolute customer satisfaction.

A close team of professional specialists, prominent expert partners and experienced technical staff created the ideal development model. While obtaining collaborations with specialized companies any challenge in the design and construction industry con be undertaken.

The three main general areas of activity Urban development, Industry and Environment include a wide range of services from the techno-economic evaluation, design, authorization, construction, maintenance and management of a project.

A lot have been learnt from accumulated valuable experience and we are constantly looking for the best. Also, in every action the importance of environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable design in compliance with the standard regulations and the corresponding applicable standards are taken into account