Project management

Project management 2019-12-06T16:48:31+02:00

Dominant-Engineering has a large number of built-in private and public works in its Portfolio and, based on its long experience, is in the planning and development phase of plant management systems to deliver innovative technical management and operation solutions across the range of facilities and networks. By acquiring know-how in flexible maintenance programs and adopting tried and tested practices, the company will guarantee the proper operation and lengthening of plant life, adding added value to its customers and protecting the value of their investment. We will soon be able to present the model that will support all these actions and we will be able to cost services based on the size and complexity of the facilities.

Indicatively, we mention the service areas:

  • Electromechanical installations

  • Relocation

  • Optimization, modernization and upgrading of facilities

  • Care of foreign countries (green areas, etc.)