Electromechanical & IT Projects

Electromechanical & IT Projects 2019-10-22T17:38:03+03:00

The electromechanical works we have built are mainly subsets of the building sector. Plumbing, drainage, heating, strong and weak current networks, fire-fighting facilities, air conditioning and space ventilation, backup energy supply are some of our technical expertise. We are continuously looking for new materials and equipment in the market, we offer state-of-the-art solutions moreover combining economy, safety and environmental protection.

In the field of information technology we designed and installed with specialized partners systems for remote management and control of electromechanical installations in urban infrastructure projects (SCADA). The combination of the collection of various functional and electrical parameters, their secure wireless transfer and their processing with data visualization and data management software have provided us with extensive experience in industrial network management.

In our reference list you will see our projects with brief technical information.

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